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What’s your QR

Although QR codes (quick response codes) have been around since 1994, they are now becoming increasingly popular and have many uses in marketing and advertising.  The bar code can be read with a barcode reader, available and free on most smart phones.  My favorite bar code reader is “i-nigma”.   You can create your own barcode, using a barcode generator online, my favorite is place to do that is  When your barcode is scanned it can direct someone to your website, facebook page, or even add your contact and business information directly into their smart phone with a single click.  Your personal or business QR code can be added to property flyers, business cards, even apparel.  Check out my codes!

Windows Live


I recently switch from Outlook to Windows Live Mail.  Using multiple computers I find several advantages to using a web based product.  When I add an appointment to my calendar or a new client contact using my primary desk computer, it’s live and ready when I access my account from my laptop or smartphone. I was able to sync Outlook between computers but my program I used had to be updated manually.  So far so good!

Windows Live Essentials includes email, calendar, writer (which I used to write this post), along with a few other bells and whistles.  I was surprised at how similar Outlook and Windows Live are in regards to contacts and organizing your contacts into categories.  So far so good!

Check out this Iphone app!










Election day!  I am excited there is an Iphone app to follow the Washington State election results, and best part…..its free!  Can’t wait to watch the results start coming in! I Hope everyone voted, if not, there is still time to make your vote count.