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Project of the week; Data storage/backup

datastorageIs your data safe?  If your like most…  not as safe as it should be.  I have used a variety of data storage/backup over the past few years.  CDs, flashdrives, and web-based. 

Currently I use a web-based backup service  that I pay a monthly fee for.  I have used the same service for about two years.  It comes in extremely handy when I reformat and need to reload my data, also when I am away and need to grab a stored document.  I usually purchase a new computer every year or two, and the transfer of data is a breeze.  

I have a slr digital camera.  The stored images can be fairly large, 5-10 mg each.  My photos, like most, linger on my computer and rarely find a frame.  I have years of photos, organized by year and month, that I want in a safe place. 

Unfortunately, as my storage needs are growing,  I am finding the current service I use to be fairly costly.  Coming in at about 25$ a month!  Yikes… time to check out some other options! While still leaning toward the safety of web-based storage… I may consider a portable storage options.  Time for some homework!  That is going to be my project of the week!  What do you use?

Time to focus!

November is my favorite month to organize my contacts list, plan marketing ideas for the coming year, outline new daily routines and just get focused.  

This is a great time of year to revisit what worked last year, what didn’t, and think about how to implement what worked with a few new ideas!  I am excited about 2010 !  Looking forward to continued improvement in the market.