Did you see that purple house?


I was out showing houses last week and drove past a bright purple house! I instantly thought that’s when we need CC&R’s!

What are CC&Rs?  Most planned developments (a group of homes built by the same contractor) have CC&R’s.   Covenants, conditions and restrictions; are a set of documents that describe how the homeowners association operates and what rules home owners must obey.

They are often set up to maintain the style and appearance within a neighborhood, and to protect the homeowner’s investment.  These rules and regulations vary between developments and may stipulate house style, size, roof pitch, exterior siding and color.  They can also restrict what goes on while you’re living there, such as where garbage cans can be placed, restrict parking of recreational vehicles, limit the type and number of pets and even  if laundry can be hung outside.

Although some development CC&Rs can be quite restrictive, and others more relaxed, most are meant to ensure that your neighbor’s house doesn’t negatively impact yours.  Let’s face it, no one wants to live next door to the purple house, and selling your house next door to the purple house can be difficult!

If you’re shopping for a house within a developed neighborhood, find out if they have CC&R’s, and read them carefully!  Are they too restrictive? or maybe not restrictive enough?

Image: Sira Anamwong / FreeDigitalPhotos.net