Tis the season to keep your home listed!

We often see sellers pull their home of the market during the holiday months.  Here are some important reasons why especially this year, keeping your home on the market may be the better choice. 

Most important this winter…Interest rates are currently at records lows.  Buyers are realizing that these rates won’t be around indefinitely.

Time off the market is simply that, off the market.  New buyers rotate into the shopping pool every week, even in the winter.

In a slow market, with lots of inventory, there is a distinct advantage to staying listed during the months when others may pull their home off the market.

Often companies hire and are moving new employees to start at the beginning of the year, making December a good month to have your home available. 

People who look at houses over the holidays are normally very serious buyers, who are likely or need to purchase now.  So you may have less showings in the winter, but the ones you do have will likely be worth the prep time.

Another significant reason… Homes taken off the market (for the holiday or winter season) will start coming back on the market about the same time you want to put your home back on the market. You will be facing increasing competition and unknown interest rates.

So happy holidays to all the dedicated buyers and sellers.

Image from dream designs  http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/view_photog.php?photogid=1449